Blizzard Bag Directions

Last Updated: 10/9/2019 4:43 PM

Blizzard Bag Assignments


In the past we used to have you send us your assignments to be posted on our website.  This year we are planning on a new way of posting and working with our blizzard bag assignments.

You will have access to update your assignments to keep them relative to your teaching lessons.


Step one: You MUST create a folder in your Google Drive and share it as VIEW only.


Create new folder- named  Blizzard Bag Assignments

Create Folder


Open the new folder and use the drop down menu to select Share...



You will want to select   Advanced


Change-  Private - Only you can access   to -   On -  Anyone with link   - Click-  Save




Copy the link - you will need this for the form in the next step.



Step two:  You MUST fill out the Google form and paste the LINK from your shared folder that you copied from step one.

Please choose your schools form. If you teach classes in more then one location, you should fill out the forms for each school.  This is very important.


Links to Forms   
click here for ->LaCroft  
click here for ->North  
click here for ->Westgate  
click here for ->Jr-High  
click here for ->Sr-High  


Links to Assignments ( Students and Parents Access Page )  
click here for ->LaCroft  
click here for ->North  
click here for ->Westgate  
click here for ->Jr-High  
click here for ->Sr-High  


The information on the form will be posted on our website linking parents and students to your folder.  Remember they have view only rights !  
Do not post anything in the folder except assignments or directions to your assignments for the blizzard bags.


You can post Assignments as:

Links to your Google Classroom by using a Google Doc with the link(s) you create.

Google Docs, Slides, Sheets with your Assignments. Remember to make them VIEW only.

You can also create a folder shared with your students to post homework that is finished.


If you need any help please ask any of our tech team members or the technology department.

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