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Ohio Improvement Process

Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) 

The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is a recommended framework used by district, building and teacher leaders as they plan for local continuous improvement across grade levels and subject areas to impact student achievement. The Department supports the implementation of this framework using a regional infrastructure for school improvement. The process facilitates communication and decision-making between and across levels of the system (district, central office, school, grade levels, content areas, classrooms).

Leadership teams (classroom, school and district) use this framework to engage in problem solving as they take actions to remove barriers and implement solutions. Leadership teams at each level of the system support implementation of the continuous improvement work. 

Mission & Philosophy

The mission of East Liverpool City Schools is to create a safe and welcoming educational environment to achieve excellence in academics, career and technical skills, athletics, arts and extracurricular activities while providing our community with responsible and productive citizens.

Vision Statement
Empowering our students to reach their fullest potential by forging innovative pathways to success.